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Get to Know iLoveGunpla

My Background

Having grown up under heavy Japanese Anime and Gaming influence, my deep love for Gunpla started with my first Gundam series Wing, then God. Going out buying 144 scale kits at age 10 and building them using a pair of kitchen scissors, Gunpla became a full time weekend hobby for me. 

With extensive knowledge of Gundam Anime and Gunpla, I aim to bring this wonderfully chaotic craft to the U.K and Europe at affordable and competitive prices. As a survivor of the Covid, I feel the timing for this hobby is better than ever. Seeing fellow enthusiasts enjoy building Gunpla during these uncertain times brings me happiness.

Inspired by other builders, I started a youtube channel called charassnable, making Gunpla building videos. Your support is much appreciated. 

Currently I operate the business from home, so many big boxes in and around my office. However, I plan to move to an actual office and rent a warehouse to improve the quality of the business, thus improving my service to you.

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