What are the different grades?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

PG: Perfect Grade 1/60, the second largest and most complete Gunpla kits ever created. The largest kit collection for the biggest scale.

Megasize 1/48: New line slightly larger than PG, but less complicated to build and cheaper to buy. Less model option compared to PG.

MG: Master Grade 1/100, the most popular line with a great range of models and requires advanced building skills.

HG: High Grade 1/144, like MG a very popular line with most models and designs. Requires intermediate building skills.

RG: Real Grade can range from 144 to 100 in scale. This new line provides better gimmicks and a building experience closer to MG.

RE/100: Reborn One Hundred is a new line with a simpler building process compared to MG, but is the same scale.

Entry Grade 1/144: This is for new builders to have a taste into Gunpla. Affordable and a great way to start.

SD: Super Deformed is a fun way to collect Gunpla, with a large head small body design. It is an interesting concept which is recommended as a starting point for kids.

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